Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hack/Claim as Group Admin of Facebook Group - | Facebook Hack |

Facebook is the world's largest social media platform having more than 1.50 billion users and it is used in almost every country of the world which provides users Entertainment, Solution to their numerous problems, communication across the world and many people are generating large amount pf revenue by Advertising their products and much more. Today, we have has brought you a method to Hack/Claim as Admin of Facebook Groups by using Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Version and it is very easy and simple method. 

There are many facebook groups that are made by the people and they have large amount of members but due to the policy violation of facebook terms and conditions their facebook acount gets deactivated or the users itself delete his account, the group is left behind without the admin and it runs with the supervision of administrator. The method to Claim As Admin Of Facebook Group will help you to become the admin of that group. 

The significance of this method is that when you make a group, it is very difficult to build the audience and to increase the number of members but if you claim as facebook group admin, the group will already contain the members and you don't need add members yourself and more members will automatically requesting to be added in the group.

Requirements to Claim Facebook Group :

There are certain requirements to claim as facebook group admin
  • Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Version
  • You Should be member of the group 
  • Group should be without Admin or if Admin ID is deactivated
How to Hack/Claim as Fb Group Admin 2016 100% working method
How to Hack/Claim as Fb Group Admin

Follow the steps below to claim as FB Group Admin :)

To Download Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Version Click Here 

1- Add Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Version 2.3.7 Extension to Google Chrome and to Download FB Toolkit Premium Version Click Here

2- Open Your Facebook ID

3- Click On fb Toolkit Extension and Click on Claim As Group Admin in the Premium Tools

4- It will run the script and take sometime, you just have to wait.

5- After that you will made the admin of facebook groups without admin 

6- So, you are done. You can Check these group in Discover Group Option 

Watch the Video Below to Hack/Claim As Facebook Group Admin 

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  1. Hey the premium toolkit has a price why is that

    1. Yes, some of the features are not available for free but i have provide my visitors the Premium Version free of cost. You can download Premium Version from here

  2. the admin deactivate. how can i become admin with a deactivitaed admin on a group?

  3. Claim group admin is not working anymore?
    I used several features of the toolkit but this one does not work!

  4. not work for me. No admin but can't claim. I dont know why. Maybe large group i think

  5. Hey group admin id disabled but moderator is avalable its is posible to hack group already moderator plz replay

    1. No its not possible nowadays as fb has updated so much in 2017