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Facebook is the world's no. 1 social platform which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg who is among the world's top 10 richest people. Facebook was launched in 2004 and now it has 2 billion monthly active users according to Wikipedia. Facebook has almost 2 billion plus users which makes it most flourshing and popular social media network around the globe in the recent age. Due to this large amount of users on facebook, facebook in the limelight of all the online or offline business which are starting off or had just been started because in the beginnings every business wants to build the audience. So, today we are going to talk about some dollars $$$, Yes ! Its an article on How to Make Money On Facebook ? ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

How To Make Money On Facebook
How To Make Money On Facebook

Facebook is a large platform and this makes it suitable for almost for all type of businesses, but of course thats a huge topic so today we only are going to discuss the methods to earn money on facebook online ? Basically there are two ways to earn on facebook, one is to make money through facebook ads that is to invest in facebook ads and then get your revenue from the sales you made by promoting your product on facebook or the other way is that you earn money from facebook without investing your money but obviously this method requires more hard work than the later.

Today we are going to talk about the Top 5  facebook earning methods. Basically the most important thing you need to have to make online or offline is the audience or traffic and the traffic that is related to business, niche or topic. Facebook provides you with that audience and then you have to use that audience according to your requirements. You have to make the related audience to a place where you can promote your businesses. Methods are to make money with facebook are explained below.

One thing you should keep in mind that you must have an active page with decent number of likes on facebook, because when you provide traffic to monetozation network on their product in reward you are paid under certain requirements depending on the network.

Facebook Instant Articles 

Make Money On Facebook with Instant Articles
Make Money On Facebook with Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles is the new monetization feature introduced in the 2017. To Make Money On Facebook with Instant Articles we need to setup Instant Articles, and for that you need to have a website and a page on facebook. To setup facebook instant articles you must have atleat 5 to 10 well written articles on your blog or website. To setup, Facebook Instant Articles you have to go here with facebook account logged in on which you are the admin of the page and then you have click on Sign Up and it will take you to the page where you can select the page on which you want to setup instant articles and then faecbook will guide you for the whole process, just follow the steps. Remember Instant Articles is a CPM(Cost per Mille) based network means that you are paid by every thousand views

Facebook Page Networks 

Facabook Page Networks are widely used methods of monetizating your facebook page but you need a page with high likes and post reach to get approved by the networks. To get approved by the networks, you have google the best page networks, just sign up on their site and and if you get approved, they will message you on facebook or they will email you and then follow the steps provided by them. What they does is that they display ads on your page and you are paid accordingly. One of common network are Viral9. You need to keep your page active to keep making money on facebook with page monetization.

Viral Blogging 

Make Money On Facebook with Viral Blogging
Make Money On Facebook with Viral Blogging

Viral Blogging, well it is something related to blogging, but it is closely related to this post as it is post about facebook earning methods. In Viral Blogging, you need to have blog with the videos or viral articles and facebook page. You have to choose a hot topic like Viral News and Entertainment and you have to paste the link with attractive thumbnail on the page and when the visitors come to your website and on website you have to place the ads and the largest Ad network mostly used is Google Adsense, you can buy it with 10$. By this method, you can easily earn 50$ to 100$ daily depending upon audience but you need to do the Hard Work as you have to post daily and for that you can easily hire for someone and it will run on Auto Pilot and yes its one my favorite method to Make Money with Facebook.  To get idea you can check out website like, etc. In this method, you can post videos on youtube and embed on your site and monetize both with Google AdSense and you can earn some extra bucks.

Affiliate Marketing 

How To Make Money On Facebook 2018
How To Make Money On Facebook 2018

Affiliate Marketing is that when someone buys a product online with your affiliate link, you earn a commission out of that. So, the method is that you have a page and of course it is related to some topic like Fashion, Health etc. and then you have to sign up on different affiliate networks like ClcikBank, Amazon, Ebay etc. and then find a product related to topic of your page and get your affiliate link of that product and then paste that link on your page with a attractive thumbnail if you have targeted audience you will definitely get the sales out of it.

Facebook Video Monetization 

Facebook Video Monetization is not renowned method worldwide as this feature is only available in USA and in this you can monetize videos of your facebook page and it will show ads on your videos like you see on YouTube, but remember this feature is limited to only videos on your page and you cannot monetize videos of your timeline.

That's all for the Facebook Earning Methods, Your questions are welcomed in the comments section. 

Closing Thoughts 

In the end I just want to share a quote of Tony Robbins "The Path to Success is to take Massive and Determined Action" There are many people around the globe which daily thinks big ideas and end up every day by just dreaming about something so, until and unless you don't any action you won't get anything. Try something, you will definitely get something. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Facebook is a social platform where people use to share their different memories with their friends and family and to get entertainment plus there are also people which do businesses on facebook and they do marketing of their products and businesses and this makes facebook a huge platform for people around and it has almost 1.6 billion users accounts. Today we are going to discuss about the method to How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook or how to remove friends from facebook friend list. 

How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook
How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook 
As you all know that facebook is very vast platform and the number of users on facebook are increasing day by day because you can use facebook from any device that has an internet connection and its works so well that people use it mobile phones like Android, iPhone, tablets, windows phones even their is an app by which you can use it on Java phones and obviously its used on PC's and laptops also which made facebook overcrowded and a normal person receives many friends request and in the start everybody have the craze to make new friends and have followers and people like to have many likes, comments and shares but a time comes when those gets inactive and those likes tends to decrease thats the time when you want to know How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook  that are inactive.

There are two types by which you can remove friends from facebook friend list. One is that you remove each and every person from your facebook friend list and that you can do by the help of faceboook social toolkit and you can premium version of facebook social toolkit 2.3.7 from our site and this method is a bit easier and it does require you to just install the extension and then with just a click of mouse you can remove all facebook friends from facebok friend list.

How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook
Fscebook Social Toolkit
Second  method is by using another extension Friends Remover Pro. The extension allows you to select the friends that are inactive in your list or they are not using the account anymore or the people you don't want to be in your friends list and want to unfriend them and then you can click the remove friends button and all the friends you have selected will be unfriended in sometime and you can use the account with people you love to interact and enjoy. You can get the Friends Remover Pro from here to find How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook
How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook 
One thing I want to mention here is that the both methods explained above will work only on Google Chrome Browser, but that's not a big deal and as the google became the largest search engine its products are also popular and almost everybody uses Google Chrome and as claimed by Google, Chrome is the most used browser in the world.

If anybody still unable to understand How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook, to remove inactive facebook friends, you can watch the Youtube Video Tutorial Below

At the end, I just want say you that I and my blog will always sharing you these awesome tips about facebook and other social media platforms so keep visiting and if you find the article helpful, please do share it with others.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

When you watch a Facebook Video and want to download that Facebook video, the first question that arises in your mind is How..., How to Download Facebook Videos 

How to Download Facebook Videos ?
Download Facebook Videos

Facebook is social platform and now with the increase in speed of the internet in the subcontinent, the use of videos on Facebook is also increased. In addition to this the launch of the feature of Live Videos on Facebook, many people share the knowledge and information in Live Videos and also many Artists, Actors and Actresses come live on Facebook to answer the question of their fans and audience.
Downloading Facebook is a hectic task in a way that IDM and other download managers don't detect videos on Facebook and if they do so, they detect the wrong format that is not watchable in renowned Video players.

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There are many methods on the internet to download facebook video but I am going to tell you the easiest way to download videos, the method allows you to download the facebook video both in SD and HD format.

How to download facebook videos online

To download Facebook video go to Facebook Video Downloader, copy the link of the video which you want to download and paste the link in the box provided and click on the Download, it will preview the video and below the preview is the Download the Video Button and by clicking that button your video will start downloading.

Download facebook videos without any software

You can also use the extension to download the videos but the extension for this is available only for Google Chrome browser, you can add the extension by clicking the Google Chrome button in the upper right corner of Facebook Video Downloader website. The extension enables a download icon before the like button of every video. The extension allows you download the video both in HD and SD format. 

Download Facebook Videos in HD format

That's all for this post, I hope you will find it helpful if you still have some issue in the post you can take help by watching the video below.

I will end the post with closing words that 

"A research shows that 70% of the online content will be videos by the year 2020."

Thanks for Visiting, Stay Tuned for more exciting knowledge and information about online stuff especially Facebook.


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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Nowadays Many People that use facebook are very curious about the visitors of their facebook profile and want to know who visits their profile but the problem is there is no feature is officially given by the facebook to Check Who Visited Your Facebook Profile but if you are one of them and want to know the Facebook Profile Visitors of your profile Kisran Treasury has brought you the method for to See Who Visited Your Profile.

Facebook is the World's Top Social Media Platform and according to Wikipedia, there are 1.94 billion monthly active accounts on facebook, of course, there are users that use multiple or fake accounts but facebook is taking action against them and removing the fake account to keep it clean and safe for everyone. As it is largest social media platform, it is used on PC's and Mobile as well so today we are going to talk about the methods to check Facebook Profile Visitors of a Facebook Account from Computer/Laptop.

                    That was just an intro, now coming down to our method ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Just to be simple and straight we are not going to use very long and boring methods as people from all over the world, we are going to check the Facebook Profile Visitors by using a chrome extension named flatbook. For this, go to Chrome Web Store and search for flatbook you will find two extensions appearing up, add the first one (with maximum downloads) to chrome and login to your facebook account. Click on the flatbook in right upper corner like shown below.

Now click On the Profile Visitors and the extension will give you the list of the people that have recently visited your profile but it will give you the list of top 20 people that have visited your facebook profile like the one shown below. 

In addition to this, this extension also gives the information about the people those have unfriended you on facebook, you can see that by clicking on Unfriended Tab as shown in the above image.

This was all about to Check Your Facebook Profile Visitors. If  you still have any problem, watch the video below ๐Ÿ˜Š


Disclaimer :

As the facebook platform progressed many people tried to reveal the methods to check facebook profile visitors, one of the methods was going through the source code and then to find recent friend checklist and then to find the users by using their facebook id number but I have checked the method and found out that this method is wrong and it does not tell you the facebook profile visitors but it tells you the people you have recently chatted with on facebook, so if you find any video on Youtube like that don't use this method.

Express Your Views about the post in the Comment Section ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Facebook Social Toolkit is an awesome tool and it allows you to use a broad range of impressive Facebook features that you ever has been thought of in your mind. You can get working Premium Version free by just following this post. Facebook is social platform with billions of monthly active users and most people use facebook for entertainment and to pass quality time online with your friends and family that are far away from you but by the time you need some features that facebook does not provides officially but there are different tools in the market that provide you with these different tools but the most widely used tool is Facebook Social Toolkit.

Facebook Social Toolkit 2.3.7
Facebook Social Toolkit 2.3.7

Features Of Facebook Social Toolkit 

  • Invite Friends to like your Page
  • Invite Friends to an Event
  • Accept / Reject all friends request at once
  • Extract Facebook Users Likes 
  • Group Posting Tool 
  • Post on all your Fan pages
  • Message All Facebook Friends 
  • Add all Facebook friends to Group 
  • Extract Friends Email
  • Extract Friends Public Phone Number 
One thing I want to mention here that Claim as Admin Tool, is not working after recent facebook update in 2017 but other tools are working fine and the developers of this toolkit have not fixed it yet and when this tool will be updated, I will post the updated version.

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Facebook Social Toolkit Premium 2017
Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Version 2017

How to Install Facebook Social Toolkit

  • Download and Extract Facebook_Social_Toolkit_2.3.7.rar to a location let's say Desktop 
  • Open Your Browser
  • If you use Google chrome type this address --> chrome://extensions/. And if you use Opera press Ctrl+Shift+E
  • Enable Developer in Chrome browser by check marking the button. You can find it in front of Extension (Heading) in the Extension Tab.
  • Drag "Facebook Social Toolkit v2.3.7 folder" from your saved folder to chrome://extensions/ and Install the extension
  • If you click a premium tool, it will ask for the email and the password which you can get from  Read Me ( Document file ) which will there in the file which you have already downloaded and extracted 
  • Use as the password of the .rar file 

Download fb social toolkit
Download FB social toolkit
File Size: 1.43 MB

Note: - To Extract the file you will need WinRAR, to download WinRAR Click Here
For the previous Facebook Social Toolkit 2.3.1 Version, Click Here

Stay Tuned for More :)